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01 NeutraSeal:
low energy, low cost wastewater treatment

The technology reduces operational cost by harnessing a static head of water by siphon flow (Patents pending), to displace pumping costs. Project specific contaminants can be targeted through the integration of a range of water treatment technologies within NeutraSeal. Capital cost is lowered due to its low footprint and modular, scalable design. Minus is now looking for a partner to help scale up the technology global minewater treatment market.

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Published reviews of NeutraSeal:

02 Our approach

Minus provides the expertise to reduce costs, equipment failure and your carbon footprint - helping to achieve efficiently run facilities with excellent records of environmental compliance.

We're about delivering this efficiency to the heart of what you do, your core business, whatever that may be.

We don't start with the technology or the mathematics or the pumps and valves. We start with you and your business. Once we know your aims, then and only then, do we measure, quantify, audit and understand your problem. Matching your aims with an engineering solution is about design. Efficiency by design is what we do and design, is always about improvement.

Our approach Our approach Our approach Our approach Our approach Our approach Our approach Our approach Our approach

03 What we do

  • Understanding

    We have the technical expertise to understand your problem from first principles, the process, equipment and ultimately its performance.

  • Solving

    We understand your issues and we match what you want to achieve with an engineering solution. Problems into opportunities.

  • Improving

    We have the technical expertise to provide ongoing operational support including monitoring of your systems efficiency, analysing management data and optimising the hardware itself.

  • Managing

    Our experience as project managers, allows us to supervise the commissioning and supervision of multifunction improvements.

04 Applications

  • Mine water
  • Waste water treatment
  • Effluent treatment
  • Chemical processing
  • Solution mining
  • Flood prevention
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Site Remediation
  • Waste Facilities

05 Who we've
done it for

    Environment Agency LK Group RAW WWT Service Aluminum Corporation Sanctus Resource Chemical Ltd EDP EDF Energy AECOM Southern Water Soilfix

06 Some examples

NeutraSeal: Waste Water treatment process pilot plant

Minus have designed an improved low energy waste water treatment process. NeutraSeal has been successfully piloted by Minus Engineering and Camborne School of Mines (CSM), University of Exeter, at an abandoned tin mine in Cornwall, UK. The aims of the project were met with energy savings of over 50% compared with conventional High Density Sludge (HDS) plants. Treatment performance was tested by CSM.

The £100k project was co-funded (2012) by a grant from the UK's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board and Minus. The pilot plant was built with a capacity to treat 72 m3/day of acid mine water under worst case siphon conditions and delivered to site in modular form.

System Integration using variable speed drive pumps

Minus carried out a plant review at the Helpston Groundwater Treatment Plant and identified a number of process inefficiencies and potential improvements. One improvement that we carried out was the improvement of the feed to a pair of carbon filters from an upstream batch process.

Minus produced the design and project managed the improvement through to completion. The improvement included an intermediary buffer tank, complete with ultrasonic level transmitter, and a centrifugal feed pump coupled to an inverter drive. These were controlled, via the existing Profibus network, from the site PLC and SCADA system. The final system more than doubled the effective throughput of the plant.

Minus worked in conjunction with Hydrock and the Environment Agency to ensure that the completed system met the design specification and was installed within budget and on time.

Pump systems improvement

Minus has completed a number of projects improving pumping systems. At Slimbridge wetland wildlife trust (WWT) site Minus engineers reviewed the existing pumping arrangements, identified where pump types could be optimised, identified piping and control improvements. The aim of the report was to highlight energy and carbon savings. Some improvements identified had payback periods of less than a year. In addition some improvements were noted which could increase the flow of water through the site, this additional benefit has a positive effect upon bird health, meeting with the sites core objective.

Compressed air tool manufacturer

Minus were approached and asked to identify where base load power was being consumed at a tool manufacturer. Minus measured the power consumption across the site by surveying each significant plant item during standby and when in use.

Minus then compiled a report and suggested improvements. Energy savings included improving the compressed air distribution system both to reduce leaks but also allow efficient compressed air movement around the site. The second biggest energy saving identified required timed improvement and centralisation of the CNC cooling systems. Energy savings equating to £14k p.a. were identified or 86T p.a. CO2e.

Bio-reactor optimisation

Minus carried out a review of a pair of existing Biological Reactor vessels and their existing aeration systems. An improvement was designed to allow the reactors to increase dissolved oxygen available and provide optimal operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption of each of the circa 10kW compressors by 20%. Subsequent work was undertaken to add in a 3rd pre treatment vessel which utilised a standby compressor. In both cases all pipework, and fittings were specified with electrical work and project management undertaken.

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